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Battery Buying Tips

Which battery do I need?

Check your owner’s manual to learn your vehicle requirements. Your vehicle has a specific size, cold cranking amp (CCA) requirement and reserve capacity.

CCA is the rating that shows the battery’s ability to deliver its rated amps for 30 seconds at 0 degrees F while maintaining an operating level of at least 7.2 volts (1.2 volts per cell). CCA shows the battery’s ability to deliver its rated amps for 30 seconds at 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C.
Reserve Capacity (RC) – RC tells you how many minutes the battery can supply 25 amps of power at 80 degrees F or 27 degrees C without falling below 10.5 volts. In other words, it’s battery “staying power.”

Check for freshness
Batteries that sit on the shelf too long without recharge may not provide the performance you’ll need. You don’t want to buy an old battery because it may not deliver the power or life its label promises.

Check out the battery warranty
Do you have to bring it back to the same facility where you purchased the battery?
How long is the free replacement period?
After that period, does the warranty work on a pro-rata structure?
Is the warranty nationwide so that you can get service no matter where you’re driving?

Consider value, not just price
The old adage “You get what you pay for” can be very true for batteries. Before you buy, ask a professional’s advice. Many discount type stores sell automotive batteries, but many do not last as long as their label claims.

Buy a new battery before your old one fails
You could easily save yourself an expensive tow bill or repair. Have your battery tested before you leave on vacation and at periodic intervals like oil changes and tune ups. It is much easier to plan for a battery replacement than deal with an unplanned visit to our shop!!


There are some vehicles on the road that can experience problems after a battery gets replaced. These problems can range from engines that will not idle or operate normally to heating and air conditioning systems that do not operate normally to theft deterrent audio systems that will not operate until a special code gets entered in. Make sure you know what may not work BEFORE you replace or disconnect your battery. 

At Stillwater Automotive Diagnostic Center we can help you test your battery and charging system, help you select the proper battery for your vehicle and know how to fix what may not work after your battery gets replaced.

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