Have You Changed Your Cabin Air Filter Lately



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Have You Changed Your Cabin Air Filter Lately?
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Have You Changed Your Cabin Air Filter Lately?

In our spring and summer months many types of pollens and molds are present in the air. For some people spring and summer can mean misery due to allergies.

Automotive manufacturers have been installing what is called a “Cabin Air Filter” in many vehicles. These filters first started appearing on some European vehicles in the 1990’s. More recently they have been appearing on Asian and Domestic vehicles.

Most automotive manufacturers recommend replacing the cabin air filter once per year. These filters are working all the time your vehicles heater or air conditioning is running, filtering all of the vehicles incoming air to the passenger compartment.

Vehicle owners should check their owner’s manual to see if their vehicle is equipped with a cabin air filter and how often the manufacture recommends replacing it as the exact replacement intervals do vary by manufacturer.

If the cabin air filter is not replaced the airflow into the vehicle can become restricted to the point of having reduced heating in the winter months or reduced air conditioning in the summer months. Another concern is the contaminates that are drawn past the filter can become so concentrated (in the filter) in the vehicle which can really cause the occupants of the vehicle problems, especially if they are susceptible to various pollens.

Give yourself a breath of fresh air; change your cabin air filter.

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