Make Sure You’re Being Tire Smart



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Make Sure You’re Being Tire Smart
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Make Sure You’re Being Tire Smart
 With so many drivers on the road, millions of people could be driving with under inflated or overloaded tires, which put themselves and others in danger.

In a public opinion study conducted by RMA this year, one in three drivers do not check the tire pressure before taking a long trip with a fully loaded vehicle.

RMA offers the following recommendations for safer road trips: 

  • Be Cool Under PressureCheck the pressure of your tires once a month, and before every long trip. The correct inflation pressure for your tires is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found in the owner’s manual, on the vehicle door edge, doorpost, glove box door or fuel door — not on the tire. Make sure the tires are cool when you check them by inspecting them before you get in the car to drive.
  • Take a Load OffBefore you fill the trunk or roof rack, check out the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for load requirements located on the placard on the doorpost or in the owner’s manual. Overloading your vehicle creates excessive heat inside your tires, which can lead to tire failure. If you’re planning to drive long distances with a loaded vehicle, have the alignment and rotation checked, as tires and wheels that are out of balance can cause uneven wear or vehicle problems.
  • Don’t Let Your Tread Wear You DownA simple way to check tire tread is to place a penny into a tread groove. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you should buy a new tire. Also, visibly check the tread grooves and sidewalls of your tires to make sure that they’re free of foreign objects, gouges, cuts, bulges or other irregularities.

Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)

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