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Parents, Read This First
 When the kids are old enough to drive who’s looking after their vehicle?

Automotive preventive maintenance and repair is like all other subjects it has to be learned. Teach young drivers the basics about their vehicle before they get the keys.

If you don’t know much about automotive maintenance or repair, do yourself a favor and learn it along with your kids. 

Here are some tips: 

  • All vehicles old and new need regular attention. Make sure your teenage driver knows and follows the vehicles’ maintenance schedule. In addition to making a car safer to drive, preventive maintenance can possibly save that late night phone call about a broken down vehicle.
  • Don’t overlook the owners’ manual. This “bible” for the vehicle contains a wealth of information that the young driver may never know unless they become familiar with it.
  • Take the young driver to the repair shop when the vehicle is serviced. Meet the staff. They should know who to call and where to go when the vehicle needs repair or service.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. Have a plan if the car breaks down, if there is an accident or if the car gets stolen. Have written instructions in the glove compartment in the event of a break down or accident. Who should they call? 

Parents don’t let your child pass into this stage in life without making your young driver prepared. Take some time to make them feel competent and secure with his or her vehicle. 

We can help with your vehicle maintenance and repairs, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by to discuss your needs.


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