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Pre-Trip Inspections

Tow truck operators around tourist destinations know all too well about neglected maintenance. Every year motorists break down unexpectedly. On many occasions it is due to neglected maintenance that could have been taken care of before the family vacation. The situation generally involves costs such as the unscheduled repair bill, possible hotel charges, and in some cases a rental car, in addition to being a huge inconvenience. 

A Pre-Trip Inspection is a way we can help you to assess the overall heath of your vehicle.  

The Pre-trip Inspection includes safety systems such as: 

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension 

It also includes critical systems such as:

  • Cooling
  • Fuel and Ignition
  • Emission control 

We will also evaluate the performance of the engine, tire and wheel condition, air conditioning and heater operation, instrumentation and windshield wiper operation. 

A Pre-Trip Inspection can help reduce the chances of a costly and dangerous break down. It also gives you the opportunity to have the repairs made at home with the shop you know and trust. More importantly, it provides peace of mind. Of course no inspection can guarantee a vehicles performance but it is comforting to know some precautions were made to help insure it. 

Before your next trip make sure to give us a call for a Pre-Trip Inspection.

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